Stereo Kicks – Why They Split Up!

Stereo Kicks we’re never really going to work out were they?

As much as 14 years old girls love a boy band with “because I’m worth it” hair and average voices, their debut single was a load of auld shite!

Just why did Stereo Kicks split up? Well if you ask me it’s clear the lads fucking hated each other.

At least that’s what it looks like in this video from HolyMoly which was recorded back in December 2014.

The boys have already insisted they are still the “best of friends” – SURE YOU ARE!!

There were clearly far too many egos in the group and the divide was obvious from day dot!

In an attempt to keep you here longer I could attach the lads one (hit??) wonder ‘Love Me So’ but I couldn’t be arsed! Instead, here’s a monkey eating a banana.

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So why do you think Stereo Kicks split up…. or do you care?

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