The Chainsmokers Have A New Song & It’s Trippy – End Of!

You might remember The Chainsmokers who had that track #SELFIE. There was no sitting on the fence with that one you either loved it or hated it.

The same could be said for their new track ‘Waterbed’ ft. Waterbed – incredibly fucking lazy of them right?

What were they smoking when they created this track? (I’m sorry I just really wanted to say that!)

As far as the song goes it sounds like something you’d expect to hear on a Nintendo game or Candy Crush but I like it.

It’s got an oriental vibe to it, a retro vibe to it, a future vibe to it and a summery festival vibe to it – in fact it’s full of vibes! Ok, I’ll stop saying vibes!!

Take a listen to The Chainsmokers – Waterbed ft. Waterbed here:

I’ve still no idea what the chorus says but who gives a shit!?

It’s good isn’t it? Tell me here how much you love/hate it: @EDROCHE

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