‘Wild Mustang’ Why You So Damn Catchy!?

wildmustangGet ready to feel like you wanna go on holiday because that’s what this track will do you.

Grab your sun lotion and fuck off on a plane or you could just type #SummerVibes into instagram!

It’s cheaper!

Listening to this track it sounds like a combo of Mario Kart, Donkey Kong and The Caribbean – someone threw them into a blender and this was the juice that came out! It’s fucking tasty juice too (cheers Yellow Claw, Cesqeaux & Becky G).

‘Wild Mustang’ is clearly the best name of any song this year but is it any good? Take a listen for yourself here:

It’s gonna be one of them songs where you wont want to admit you like it but you know what you really do! #GuiltyPleasure

We can see the video already, cue lots of ass shaking, steel drums, and slow motion shots of Becky G in the sunset.

Fans have been dissing the track saying “this is not Yellow Claw” – you know what .. IT IS!!!



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