Ireland’s Got A New Popstar – Jessica Smith


Pint Of Pop has turned it’s logo green for this one! Meet Irelands newest singer Jessica Smith.

Who? – Jessica Smith

Is she related to Will Smith? – Negative.

What’s the song? – ’50/50′

Is it the same song that Lemar from Fame Academy released? – Nope!

Is it any good? – Actually yes! It’s not very often that Ireland does pop music so we’re excited about this one!

Anything else we should listen to? – Yeah sure! She’s got another great song called ‘Backs Against The Wall’ which is a little bit country pop, it’s more Taylor Swift and less Dolly Parton!

How would we describe ’50/50′? – It’s Punchy Pop

What we discovered when listening to the track? – There’s a lot happening here but it works. /At 2.53 she sings her ass off! CHECK OUT THEM VOCALS!/The last 15 seconds are rather surprising – Jessica took us to church!

When’s it out? – 2nd October 2015

Take a listen to the song here:

You can follow the creator of Pint Of Pop here: @EDROCHE

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