Watch Out! 2016 is the year of ‘Kai’


Just this week we pretty much said that ‘Flume’s – Never Be Like You’  could be a contender for song of the year thus far. The reason for this is not only the sick production on the track but Kai’s vocals are like smooth caramel running down our throat (that sounded sexier in our heads!).

Anyway, Kai is at it again and this time she’s hooked up with Skrillix & Diplo for their new track ‘Mind’. The single is a lot darker than the Flume track and it’s got an underground vibe to it that we love. Plus, the song also features vocals from Skrillix. Who knew the man could sing so bloody well!?

Check out the new video here for ‘Mind’.

We’re still waiting for Kai to show us what she can do on her own but we’ve no doubt it’s going to be fucking ace!

Not only does she have a cracking set of chops on her but she can also write a good tune too, and that’s good enough for us.

If we could have it our way we would throw Kai and Bebe Rexah in a room together and see what type of tune they create together – please someone just make it happen.

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