3OH!3 – The Comeback We Were Not Expecting


3OH!3 are back, and this time they’re fucking with our brains. We were not expecting this gem of a tune!!

Expect lost of exclamation marks throughout, as we’re a little over excited about this one.

You see!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The new track is called ‘Hear Me Now’ and we certainly hear you boys, more of this please.

Even Judge Judy gets a shout out.

There’s so many influences and sounds within this 3.22min track – We’re hearing ‘Fall Out Boy’ merged with Kanye West and there’s a hint of Jay-Z ‘Dirt Off Your Shoulder’ too. There’s Macklemore vibes but ultimately we’re hearing the brand new single from 3OH!3.

And that’s all we need! We like this one a lot!!

It’s taken from their upcoming album ‘NIGHT SPORTS’ due out May 13th.

Tell us what do you think of the new track? Was it worth the wait?

Make sure to follow our twitter here before you click play on this insane track.

Fancy hearing a throwback.. ‘Starstrukk’ ft. Katy Perry?

Go on then….

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