Zayns ‘Like I Would’ Video Is A Bore Fest!

zayn like I would

It really is one of the better songs from Zayns debut album and now that very song has a brand spanking new video to go with it.
‘Like I Would’ has finally got some visuals and the whole thing is very futuristic yet retro – it’s got a tron vibe to it.

The video is created Director X, he’s the same guy that did Fifth Harmony’s amazing ‘Work From Home’ video. It’s fair to say that this man is one of the most sought after directors in music today.

Sadly, Zayn’s video doesn’t really offer anything new and for some reason we’re not sure of the video matches the song. Of course die hard Zayn fans will disagree and will claim this to be “the greatest video ever”…….. IT’S NOT!

These laser light vids have been done a million times before (Usher – Yeah, JLO – Waiting For Tonight), the truth is, the only thing that the ‘Like I Would’ video offers that we haven’t seen before is Zayn with a red eye!

We’re giving the video 1/5
But the song gets a whopping 4/5 – It’s funky! We’ve gotta hand it to him!

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