Big Brother UK – 5 Housemates With “Singing Careers”

BBUK eye 2016 official

This years Big Brother UK will hit our screens on June 7th and to say we’re excited is an understatement.
The latest bit of gossip we have is that this years series will have two houses, and will see family members compete against each other without knowing their relative is in the other house.

Whatever happens this series, we just hope it will be a lot better than last years bore fest!

Today at Pint of Pop we’re taking a look at some Big Brother UK housemates who released music after taking part in the show.
It should be noted that none of the following reality tv stars had longevity in the music business – listening to these tracks we can see why!

Cristian MJC – ‘Watch This Space’ / Big Brother 2015

Nadia Almada – ‘A Little Bit of Action’ / Big Brother Winner 2004

Pete Bennett – ‘Superhero’ / Big Brother Winner 2006

Samanda – ‘Barbie Girl’ / Big Brother 2007

Jay McKray – ‘Dance’ / Big Brother

Written by: Ed Roche / Follow him on twitter.


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