Throwback Track: No Mercy – Where Do You Go


Dating back to the year 1996 is this one from boyband ‘No Mercy’.
It’s fair to say the boys who originate from Germany and NYC, didn’t set the charts alight (not like those Backstreet Boys) with their music, but ‘Where Do You Go’ really managed to stand the test of time.
So much so, that this weekend as we were walking down Patricks Street in Cork city eating our brunch (what else) and this throwback track was up full blast in some lads car.

That moment really was a “Jesus! I haven’t heard that song in ages” moment!

It might’ve only been a quick 15 seconds of the song, before he drove off with the windows down acting like him and his car ran those streets but it was a special 15 seconds of nostalgia.

We’ve dug out the video for you to enjoy. BRING ON THE CHEESE!!!!

No Mercy – Where Do You Go

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