Meet Kelly Rowlands New Girl Group ‘Chasing Destiny’

She was once part of the worlds biggest girl group, Destiny Child and now Kelly Rowland is using her years of experience and knowhow to create a whole new group.
The singer took part in BET’s series Chasing Destiny whereby she was searching for the next big girl group.

The show has just wrapped up it’s first series and the group has finally been revealed.

The girls don’t have a name yet but are going under the name ‘Chasing Destiny’ for now but that could all change.
Here’s the first official pic of the girls if you fancy checking them out.

If you’ve got a name for the girls then we’d love to hear it, tweet us here!

The girls first single has also been revealed and sadly we don’t see this one setting the charts alight. It really does sound like something Kelly Rowland rejected years ago and we’ve a feeling audiences will reject this one too. It’s fair to say that Kelly was very much hands on during the series in which she hand picked these five girls from over a thousand hopefuls, but we wish she let the choice of first single go to someone else.

Have a listen to ‘All of Us’ here:

If you want to hear how good the girls actually are then take a listen to this.
It’s a fan made video of all the members singing solo.
We really just hope for this groups sake that better songs are given to them so that they can blow up the charts, they clearly have the pipes to do it!

C’mon! These girls can SAAAAAANNNNNNG!!!
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