Pint of Pop: Nostalgic Know It All Quiz


Think you know your Britney’s from your Christina’s?
Do you know every single word to Lou Bega’s – Mambo Number 5?
What song is “Some people say I look like me Da” from ?

If the answer is yes to all three of these questions then you might just be our ‘Nostalgic Know It All’.

Today at Pint of Pop we’re going to give you a little quiz about all things Pop.
The answers will be given at the bottom of this page but remember, no cheating!

1) What was the name of Vengaboys first single?
(a) Boom Boom Boom (b) We Like To Party (c) Up And Down (d) Barbie Girl

2) Kerry Katona was replaced by who in Atomic Kitten?
(a) Who are Atomic Kitten (b) Jenny Frost (c) Jade Ewen (d) Natasha Hamilton

3) What group were these topless girls a member of?

(a) Girl Thing (b) Hear Say (c) Six (d) Hepburn

4) Name the Britney song that this video still comes from.

(a) Born To Make You Happy (b) Sometimes (c) Lucky (d) Oops!…I Did It Again

5) Who sang with Eminem on his track ‘Stan’?
(a) Dido (b) Nobody Did (c) Pink (d) Ciara

6) Name this boyband.

(a) Hanson (b) Handsome (c) Hang On, They’re Male? (d) Hand That Rocks The Cradle

7) “Some people say I look like me Da” Are lyrics from what 90’s song?
(a) The Coors – So Young (b) Boyzone – Love Me For A Reason
(c) Steps – Tragedy (d) B*Witched – C’est La Vie

8) Finish the rest of this song from Lou Bega – Mambo Number 5
“A little bit of Monica in my life
A little bit of Erica by my side
A little bit of Rita is all I need
A little bit of ____________”

(a) Nina is what I’ll see (b) Tina in the sun
(c) Tina is what I see (d) Sonia in the sky

9) What act would you associate this picture with?

(a) Blur (b) Moby (c) Jamiroquai (d) Chumbawamba

10) What Backstreet Boys music video is this image from?

(a) The One (b) I Want It That Way
(c) Larger Than Life (d) Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)

So how well did you do? Take a look at the correct answers here:


Check your ‘Pint of Pops: Nostalgic Know It All’ rating here:

None correct: What the hell are you even doing here? Close the door on the way out.
Haven’t you got homework to do or something?

1-3 correct: Oops! You did it again! You’re going to need to listen to those Now! That’s what I Call Music cassette tapes all over again if you want to ace this quiz.

4-6 correct: It’s pure and simple that you are what we call average! Nobody want’s to be average. You’ll just pretend you got an extra point just so your not average.
This simply does’t cut it!

7-9 correct: Mmmbop! You almost had it but that one question got you! Don’t panic, you did well. If anyone asks how did, we reckon you’ll just lie and pretend you did crap!
The idea of keeping your secret powers of knowing pop music under wraps works well for you. You’re our little guilty pleasure ain’t ya!

10: You are what we call our 1 Hit Wonder! It’s rare that you pass a test but when you do it’s always 100%.
You know your stuff regarding pop music and you’re unapologetic about it! If this was the 90’s we would suggest that you go ahead and treat yourself to a snack.
We would highly recommend these….

Ahhh if only it were the 90’s again! Cadbury get your act together and bring these bad boys back.

Tell the creator of this site how well you did on twitter: Ed Roche
Don’t forget to share this page with your friends and see how well they do!


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