5 Albums We Can’t Wait For In 2017

It seems like a lifetime since we’ve had a year of pure pop excitement in the charts. Remember the good old days when it was Britney Vs Christina, Backstreet Boys Vs NSync or even Westlife Vs Spice Girls (yes, that was once a thing).

We here at Pint of Pop really hope that 2017 will be the year of the pop battle. We want powerful pop albums to make a comback and battle for a place at that all important top of the charts.

Check out out ‘5 Albums We Can’t Wait For In 2017‘ – which ones are you most excited for?

1) Christina Aguilera 

Sure, Christina has released a few albums since ‘Stripped’ but lets be honest here. Her albums since then have pretty much flopped and the ‘Beautiful’ singer had failed to set the charts on fire. We’d love to see her try her hand at a rockier album, a sound similar to her single ‘Fighter’ would go down a treat.
2) Robbie Williams 

The former Take That frontman has never failed when it came to releasing albums, it’s what he does best. We say bring on the new album, bring on the sell out stadium tours and bring on the headlines ‘Robbie’s Back’ – we can’t wait. Although, we could do without seeing him dance in his underpants again, hopefully he’s left them days behind him.

3) P!nk 

She’s been keeping busy this year with the release of her single ‘Just Like Fire’ and recording the song for the opening of Ellen, but we need a new album please and thank you.
P!nk needs to give us punchy pop/rock singles with in your face lyrics. She then needs to put them on an album and release it as soon as.
‘Just Like A Pill’ and ‘Don’t Let Me Get Me’ will go down as classic P!nk and we would love to hear that sound return. As P!nk fans we feel like her sound has mellowed a little too much. Roll on 2017 and roll on Rock’n’Roll!!!

4) Little Mix 

Last year Little Mix released ‘Get Weird’ the fanstasic 3rd album from The X Factor winners. This year they went on tour singing all their smash hits to date, ‘Move’ ‘Wings’ and ‘Black Magic’ (amongst countless others).
Next year looks like we could be getting a new album from LM, they’ve already confirmed that they’ve been recording in studio. Yay! Bring it on ladies!

5) Spice Girls 

2016 has been filled with rumors of a Spice Girls return, so far nothing has come of it!
Perhaps 2017 will be the year when all 5 girls make a welcome return to our airwaves. We would really love an album from one of the biggest girl groups of all time and they don’t get much bigger than Spice Girls!!!

Which album are you most looking forward to?
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One comment

  1. Spice Girls return would be insane! Would be interesting to see what they could do. Cool writeup, do you write for any other sites at all?


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