We’re Finalists! And We’re Getting Candy Floss!

The good news keeps rolling for Pint of Pop. We’re a finalist at this years Littlewoods Ireland – Blog Awards 2016.
If you don’t believe us then here’s the proof!

Innovation Blog_Finalist

We wanna get a little bit sincere here for a second and say thank you to each and everyone of you that voted for us and a big thank you to the judges too. Without your input Pint of Pop wouldn’t have got this far in the process. We’re nominated for Best Innovation Blog at this years awards and honestly we’ve never felt as clever.

We’re pretty much up there with the likes of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, The Wright Brothers…right!?

Image result for yeah right meme

Whatever happens on the night it’ll be a blast. The competition is strong but more importantly we don’t really see it as a “competition” – It’s a room (or tent) full of talented and creative people that are there to celebrate their hard work getting some form of recognition.

Did we mention that the theme of the night is a circus theme?

For now we’re going to celebrate our innovative ass off and dance to this one that we’ve created!…. We hope you like it!

Thank you.


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