5 Things About The Debut Single From Starley – Call On Me.

Image result for starley call on me

‘Call On Me’ is the brilliant debut single from Australian singer Starley.
“Annnnnnnd the award for best name from a pop star goes too….


That husky voice, that hair, the infectious beat – what’s not to love!?

We’ve noted 5 things about Starley’s debut single that we want to bring to your attention.

1) The song’s too short – we want more!
2) The video reminds us of Justin Biebers – I’ll Show You.

Image result for justin bieber ill show you

3) She looks a little bit like Izzy Bizu.

Image result for izzy bizu

4) The song is called ‘Call On Me’ but it’s not this ‘Call On Me’. WARNING! Ass shot of random girl that features in the Eric Prydz video may cause offence to anyone who’s been to a gym!

Image result for call on me eric prydz

5) Australia have managed to do it again! Another glorious pop star that we now adore!

Check out the song and tell us what you think.

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