Ones To Watch 2017 – Strandels

Image result for strandels music

Remember when A Great Big World ft. Christina Aguilera – ‘Say Something’ was the song that made us all weep back in 2013!? Well it looks like next year we’ve found the ballad that could mirror ‘Say Something’s success! This time, the emotional number comes from Swedish duo Strandels who are massive fans of their guitars and their harmonies.
The track that really caught my attention is ‘Final Bow’ which you can hear here:

Strandels have an eclectic acoustic sound that also combines country influenced pop – I like it alot. Plus did I mention their voices work perfectly together!? Here’s hoping this duo can get the credit they deserve to hit the big time in 2017? They’re certainly the underdogs of Pint of Pop’s Ones To Watch.

Check out their latest single ‘Chance of Rain’ taken from their debut EP here:

So what do you think of my ‘One To Watch for 2017’ – Do you agree?
Tweet Ed Roche on twitter and tell me if you’ve any suggestions on who should be featured next. Check back in with Pint of Pop soon to see who else is on the ones to watch list.


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