Top 5 Pop Songs Given The 80’s Treatment

Image result for fifth harmony 80s

I’m not going to lie, THIS is one of my new favorite things, it’s like totally rad dude.
We’ve all heard countless versions of some YouTube singer singing the worlds hottest pop songs, but we’ve never heard them sound like this before.

Dust off your Walkman, go fetch them leg warmers and leotards, and put down that Nintendo – shit’s about to get real!

I’ve scoured the internet to bring you some of the best 80’s inspired remixes to some of the greatest pop songs of recent years.

Listening to these versions would actually make you doubt that these hits were ever released over the past few years, they really do sound like classic tracks from the 1980’s and I dig it!!

Here’s my ‘Top 5 Pop Songs Given The 80’s Treatment’.

And can I just start by giving a shout out to the first video here – it’s fucking brilliant!!

Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj – Bang Bang

Calvin Harris ft. Rihanna – This Is What You Came For

Fifth Harmony – Sledgehammer

Adele – Rolling In The Deep

Major Lazer & Dj Snake ft. Mo – Lean On

So which one of these remixes is your favorite?
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